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Danny Lütz

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Music Writer, Arranger & Producer

Raised in Eastern Canada, Danny started writing and recording music in high school, during the mid-1990s. While attending art school he quickly became wrapped up in playing and touring in a live dance outfit. In 2002, Danny moved to Montreal to study audio engineering. After graduating, Danny began making a lot of lo-fi bedroom recordings using the minimal gear available to him, never fancy but good enough. In 2011 he also started making videos performing songs through live looping and performing music that way.
In 2011, Danny also begin regularly composing music for commercials through Apollo Studios Montreal as well as several jobs outside of Apollo, including theater and television.
In 2016 Danny moved to Toronto to setup Apollo's new studios at the Mile Inn location and acted as Technical Director until January 2018.
Now a little further West , Danny is living in Winnipeg where he is occasionally writing music for advertising and working on his upcoming family album 'Animals'.

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