My name is Danny Lütz. I would prefer to be a wombat but am stuck in this human body and figured out how to produce music fairly well so I'm running with it until I can transform into my true form.

I grew up in Eastern Canada. Got my first 4-track recorder in 1994, at age 15,  and started recording right away. After moving to Halifax for art school I quickly became wrapped up in playing in a band that played and traveled the region regularly. Around the same time in the late 90s the computer I had was powerful enough to start eliminating the need for a lot of outboard equipment and I became a level 2 recording hermit.

In 2002 I moved to Montreal to study audio engineering, which at that time was still on 2 inch tape and an old DDA split console (old school recording basically). After graduating I made a lot of bedroom recordings using the gear I had available to me, never fancy but good enough. In 2011 I also started making videos performing songs I wrote by live looping all the sections and riding it out; more an athletic musicla performance than anything. I continued to do that up until about 2015. These can be viewed in my personal project sections.

In 2011, I found my way into writing music for advertising through Apollo Studios in Montreal. This was a home and a job for me and I began to learn a lot more about producing and writing and found myself quickly reaching level 3 recording hermit. I did a lot of other projects, including Orange Mécanique (Quebec's version of Clockwork Orange) and licensed a song to the USA Networks show 'Suits'.

In 2016 the opportunity to move to Toronto and setup Apollo's new studios at the Mile Inn facility presented itself and I moved there to do that, acting as Technical Director. This was an amazing experience working with amazing people. I quickly found myself at a level 5 recording hermit level. I continued to write when I could for ads and was the in-house nerd for Apollo Studios, Morrison Films, 1One Productions and Popp Rok for 2 years before moving West.

In 2018 I moved further West to pursue my thirst if affordable acreage and yard work. I am presently developing concept and music for a kids show as well as writing freelance from my studio in Winnipeg.



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